Five Things for Tuesday, December 22nd

1.  I thought the Redskins would lose 30-3 against the Giants, so I wasn’t shocked by the 45-12 ass-kicking they took.  The team is a pathetic mixture of overpriced free agents (DeAngelo Hall, Clinton Portis) and complete cast-off scrubs (Levi Jones, Stephon Heyer, Mike Williams, DeAngelo Hall) with a few actual skilled players left to go through the motions (London Fletcher, Jason Campbell, Andre Carter).  It’s a bad season, the worst I can ever remember.  One can only hope that this is rock bottom, and that next year we can at least earn our self-respect back.

2.  I am totally stoked to begin Christmas vacation in a couple of hours.  Several days of good friends, warm cocoa, my baby and our girls home and happy – it’s going to be awesome.

3.  I hate people who speed down an exit-only lane on the interstate in an attempt to pull ahead of all the cars waiting to go through the bottleneck, thereby causing the traffic to slow even further.  I mean, I HATE them.  If I could legally hunt them like deer, I’d have their heads mounted at my basement bar.  I was talking about them one day at work, and someone admitted that they did that all the time.  My opinion of them actually changed at that moment.  I can’t believe anyone would defend that asshole-ish behavior like there was nothing unusual about it.  I guess we really do live in the Yay For Me, Fuck You Age.

4.  I learned today that Jillian Michaels is a big fan of Lady Gaga.  I don’t think I fall in the target demographic for either celebrity, and yet here I am, a fan of them both.  Strange world.  Usually anything that is popular is something I automatically despise.  I probably would if my wife hadn’t introduced me to them, and I’d be missing out.

5.  I will be getting back to editing my novel hard-core over vacation.  I want to tweak it and finish it, polish it up and send it out into the world to miserably fail on its own merits.  Well, I want it to succeed beyond all my wildest dreams, of course, but one is a little more likely to happen than the other.

About Alan Edwards

An indie writer who does accounting full-time on the side.

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  1. good reflections, glad to meet you.

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