Five Things for Thursday, Feb 25th

1.  I hate talking on the phone so much.  I used to have a job where I did nothing but, doing software support.  I’ll never be able to go back to it.  Just hearing stories from Lady Aravan about the people she needs to deal with on a given day is enough to reassure me that, yes, I am incapable of dealing with people over the phone.  I don’t even like calling a place for a take-out or delivery order.

2.  I’m pretty good with trivia, but I know I’d choke so badly if I were ever on something like Cash Cab or a different game show.  Everyone says how easy it looks on TV until you’re there, and I know that’s true.  Once, in high school, I was in a quiz contest and was asked who the first man on the moon was.  I answered, “Louis Armstrong.”  Pure panic.

3.  Any day that involves an existential crisis over the meaning of life while driving into work does not typically end up being a good one.

4.  I have to say, Lady Aravan is totally right (as usual).  Safeway’s Eating Right frozen meals are just as good as the real thing.  Their low-cal Hot Pocket rip-offs are not only better than Lean Pockets, they’re almost as good as a regular Hot Pocket.  That’s as far as I take frozen dinners, though – anything that is supposed to be a regular-looking meal but in a frozen container is not to be trusted, especially the meat.  She swears by them, though.

5.  I think we should do away with inheritance and estates.  Only spouses should keep a deceased person’s funds over a set amount.  Conservatives love to bray about pulling one’s self up by one’s bootstraps and earning one’s way through life, so let’s see it in action.  Restrict a child’s inheritance to, say, $100,000 maximum per child.  Everything over that amount goes to charity, the national debt, whatever.  Screw ’em.  The duPonts act like they’re fucking royalty because of something someone did a couple of centuries ago.  Fuck ’em.  Make their kids earn it like everyone else.  I’m sure they’re all conservatives anyway, so they should rally behind that idea 1000%.

About Alan Edwards

Cancer caregiver, writer, accountant, gamer, poolboy, and dispenser of terrible advice that should never under any circumstances be followed.

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