5 Things for Friday, March 5th

1.  I know I’ve said it before, but Tosh.0 is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV, and it’s remarkably consistent.  At least once every episode, I laugh so hard at something that I can barely breathe, and it remians funny through the next morning.  Yesterday, both Lady Aravan and I had shit days at work, but after watching the show on the DVR, we were laughing our asses off.  This morning, through my surly have, I would murmur “Ole black betty, amburlance” and chuckle out loud.  If anyone heard me they’d have thought I was out of my fucking mind.

2.  I decided not to shave today, mostly because I just didn’t give a rat’s ass about the two-day stubble.  So of course that’s the day I go downstairs to get lunch and end up near the CEO of my company.  He seems me and starts talking to me, all clean-shaven, and I’m completely self-conscious about my unshavenness.  Cursed karma.

3.  Time couldn’t move any slower today if it started running backwards.

4.  If it starts running backwards, I’m leaving work.

5.  I had an idea that I was going to write about today, another of those theoretical musings that occasionally grab my attention.  Fuck if I can remember what it was.

About Alan Edwards

An indie writer who does accounting full-time on the side.

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