A Brief Apology

I am so sorry, Blog Of Mine, that I’ve been away so long.  You know how corporate accounting is: year-end work becomes an all-consuming beast, and the few hours you get away from it you want to run away and do anything that involves no thought. 

Oh, you don’t know what it’s like in corporate accounting, since you are a website that just allows me to paste things into it and let other people read them?  Well then.

Well, I’ve been doing that whole brain-off thing as much as possible.  For me, that’s been Archer, Tosh.0, Top Shot, Two Fat Ladies, Nigella Express, Restaurant: Impossible, and old episodes of Firefly.  In other words, a lot of TV and very little writing.

I’ll try to do better.

Soon, I’ll have a new review of Bob Harper’s latest cardio DVD, just as soon as I actually take the time to do it.  Then I’ll be making a push to finish my sequel to The Curse of Troius (available for the Amazon Kindle at just $2.99!) in the next couple of months.  Honestly, it’s good to be back.

About Alan Edwards

Cancer caregiver, writer, accountant, gamer, poolboy, and dispenser of terrible advice that should never under any circumstances be followed.

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  1. Hey. Nice to see you back, even if it is briefly. Cannot imagine doing accounting, I didn’t like that subject at the CC. I know this time of the year is rough on people in your profession, hang in there, less than a month to go. I am curious about your thoughts on the new DVD from Bob. I actually enjoyed it a lot more in some ways. The workout minions are pretty cool. I found it a bit easy at times as compared to Cardio Rev, but that is me. All in all I liked this one a lot, great visually, and it is a lot of fun, plus for $14 you can’t really go wrong. Look forward to your review.

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