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The Curse of Troius: A Zombie Fantasy Novel

As the name implies, Curse is a story set in a unique fantasy world that experiences a Romero-esque zombie outbreak. A mad necromancer has plans to build an ever-growing army of the undead in order to revenge himself on the wizards and commoners who dared judge him. Unfortunately, the hungry dead are difficult to keep reined in, and the long-crafted plan quickly goes awry. When the tower of Troius is breached by curious treasure-seekers, the undead move into the countryside of the quiet backwater of Northreach, an ignored land north of the city-state of Anticus.

The village of Daneswall is a remote, self-sufficient community of farmers and craftsmen, content with their lives and the order their days fall into. When a stranger arrives, the town struggles to accept him, with most keeping him an outsider and at arm’s length. When the horde of abominations come to the town, however, the Stranger’s past life may be the only thing that can help them survive.

The Curse of Troius is approximately 78,000 words in length, told from the perspective of the people caught up in the events. The sequel, The Storm of Northreach, will be available in 2012. Excerpts from both are available on the Alan Edwards (Author) Facebook page and the Curse of Troius Facebook page, as well as this blog under the tag Stories.

What Others Have Said:

“Edwards did not disappoint me. The way he created the zombies and incorporated them into a fantasy setting was amazing. His transitions between scenes and characters were flawless. Everything about the book, every word spoken moved the plot towards its fantastic (though gory) end. The way he described the zombies and the way they moved and moaned will have me up the next night the wind blows a little hard. This is a great read, one that should not be missed.”  Erin Danzer, from the Amazon Kindle review. I know, impressive, right?! Blew my socks off when I read it.

“I’ve only read one good zombie novel, and that was World War Z.”  Carl Spicer, said to my face in my own living room. Favorite blurb of all time.

“Mr. Edwards presents his reader with a cornucopia of well drawn characters. Of course this is a zombie novel and we know what’s coming, so coming to care for them has its drawbacks.”  Jeffrey Boyle, from his Amazon review of the paperback version.

“You need to stop with the big words. People like me are dumb.”  My mother-in-law, god bless her.


Blamers is a short story set in a world suffering in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. It is presented as a first-person look at the problems that plague the human race even after a devastating event, specifically the issue of Blamers – those people who fixate on complaining about the forces they feel are behind the problems besetting them. It is intended as a humorous and light-hearted take on people and our difficulties dealing with one another.

It is 2,675 words in length, and is available through both Amazon and Smashwords as an eBook. Clever people can probably find it for free.

What Others Have Said:

“What an interesting and strange tale! “Blamers” is set forth as a sort of monologue… a diatribe from the mind of someone dealing with humanity’s annoying traits amid a post-apocalyptic land…. The writing style is top-notch…. The work is sprinkled with a lot of humor, sarcasm, and sharp observations about human nature. If you don’t laugh in at least a few spots, you’re not human.”  Matt di Spirito from his Smashwords review, and I don’t even know who he is! I didn’t pay him to say it!

“A fantastic tongue in cheek look at humanity at its best-blaming others for their misfortunes. Absolutely loved this!”  Bridget Squires from her Smashwords review. Again, an unpaid endorsement!

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